Ten years ago, we decided to start planning for something big: we would save a little money each month toward a trip around the world.

In the summer of 2011, we quit our jobs, sold most of our stuff, and hit the road for a year. This blog preserves our impressions of the people we met, the things we saw, and the adventures (good and bad) we experienced.

Although the big trip is over, we’ll never stop traveling. See you on the road!

- Ken & Karen

8 thoughts on “Us

  1. Brad and Lynn Winkler

    Hey Ken and Karen,

    Saw the article about you and your trip on jsonline and had to write you. We did the same thing on a smaller scale three years ago, when we left Milwaukee for Houston and spent the fall backpacking around Asia. It was an amazing experience, and we will follow your blog with interest.

    A tip — if you haven’t heard of it, look into joining, a hospitality organization where you stay with locals. We have been doing it for years, and it is a great experience.


  2. Judy Burr

    Laurelyn sent me a link to the article about you and your travels and I asked her if you had a blog. I am. We were sorority sisters at UW. I love to travel, but never attempted anything like you are doing. Good luck and enjoy! Angkor Wat is a special place and I am sure you will enjoy seeing it. I was there in 2000 and am sure much has changed since then–for the better.

  3. Mary Bergin

    Hello Karen and Ken,

    I saw your notation in the guest book of the Tutoko II during my own overnight on Doubtful Sound. What a lovely experience that small boat offered …

    One thing I’ve written since 2002 is a weekly travel column for small and mid-sized dailies in Wisconsin. The content tends to have a connection to our home state, and I’d like to let my readers know a little about your own travels.

    FYI: My “Roads Traveled” columns are sold to the daily newspapers in Kenosha, Wausau, Wisconsin Rapids, Stevens Point, Marshfield, Fond du Lac, Green Bay, Eau Claire and Janesville.

    Mary Bergin

    1. Karen

      Thanks again for your article Mary! We have had some nice responses from Wisconsinities. Have a very Happy New Year, filled with adventure!



  4. Gruszman

    Karen; I suspect your out somewhere…you haven’t been answering your phone….anyways just wanted to leave you a message….. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !
    May you have a life filled with Happiness, Health and a spirit of zest and well being in 2012

  5. shailesh (dharavi guide)

    hi ken,how are you?nice time spent with you in mumbai,my planning to upload mumbai tours itinery in your website and we can link each other so we can do business together,tell me suggestion from your side and we can think and talk in skype

  6. Geo


    I just read your last post and hopefully will read the others in time. For the first time, I traveled to Europe (Paris to be specific). The first thing I noticed, THE VERY FIRST THING, is you don’t see overweight people. Occasionally, but very rare. And they eat but real food not snacks with a meal here and there like many Americans. And of course they walk constantly. No air conditioning either.

    I loved the theme of your post as excess is a worry in our culture. Thank you-keep em coming. I travel vicariously through you. Be safe and have fun.


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