Leila’s World

One of our favorite things about spending time in The Bubble was getting to know four-year-old Leila.

This is one worldly kid. She has hiked in the Himalayas. When she’s told that she’ll be trying a Korean dish called bibimbap at dinner tonight, she doesn’t flinch. After all, she has a Korean friend in her class at the international school. What’s “foreign” to a child who has already lived on three continents?

Most of all, she’s a happy, energetic, fun kid. Here’s a glimpse into Leila’s world:

We mustn’t forget the other young resident of this household. As a bonus, here’s a glimpse into Taji’s world:

4 thoughts on “Leila’s World

  1. Miriam Meeks

    Karen and Ken, thank you for showing us the world of our granddaughter! She is so far away and we aren’t able to go and see her. I have watched it so many times. The trouble is that is has brought a tear to my eyes each time. We miss all of them.


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