The Most Popular Song In The World… Revealed!

And we have a winner! The scientifically-verified <sic> Most Popular Song Ever In The History Of The Universe is “Hotel California“, released by the Eagles in February 1977. Dee Braaksma is the lucky recipient of 135 Nepali Rupees!

OK, I’ll admit it, Travelex wouldn’t buy back small bills… but hey, they sure are colorful.

As we heard “Hotel California” over and over and over, I wondered… why? I mean, sure, it’s a big hit: it reached #1 on the pop charts (on my 7th birthday, 5/7/77), and Rolling Stone Magazine ranked it the 49th greatest song of all time. The Eagles’ greatest hits album is one of the biggest-selling albums ever. But our readers’ guesses of “Dancing Queen” or “Hound Dog” seem just as likely to repeated ad nauseam.

Maybe the song’s ubiquity is the rest of world’s sly commentary on our home country. Co-writer Don Henley said that ”it’s basically a song about the dark underbelly of the American dream and about excess in America, which is something we knew a lot about.” Glenn Frey commented, ”That was a dark, strange period of my life.”

Or maybe it’s simply a catchy ditty with vague lyrics and a hummable refrain. Let’s close with just a few of the 487 times we heard “Hotel California.” Thanks for playing, everyone!

5 thoughts on “The Most Popular Song In The World… Revealed!

  1. Chris Miller

    the comment above nepal rupees made me think, what is the plan for nepal and china posts, or are you still recupurating like me….

    1. Ken Post author

      Good point, Chris. From our blog, you’d never know we’d been to Nepal! We will be posting Nepal and China soon… just kinda hard to get motivated with that nice, comfy recliner beckoning me in the next room (in other words, still recuperating like you).

  2. Maria

    That one actually came to mind, but only after you said 70s band.

    I suspect it’s attractive because of the guitary canoodlings coupled with the ever-evocative word, “California. It’s like it’s a dreamy song about the Promised Land, if you don’t understand all the rest of the lyrics.

    I could be completely off-base, of course.

    1. Karen

      Maria, I think that is the key to this song for Asians…..not being able to understand all the lyrics.


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