The Most Popular Song In The World

Based on our experience traveling for almost nine months, we have conclusively identified the Most Popular Song In The World.

We heard it in Australia and New Zealand and Thailand and India. In taxis and buses and hotel lobbies and a Chinese IMAX theater. We’ve heard the Mexican version, the Muzak version, and a live band version. Plus, a 10-year-old Nepali boy insisted on singing it to us.

Take a guess: what is the Most Popular Song In The World? It’s a song most of you have heard… but not as often as we’ve heard it.

A fabulous cash prize will be awarded for the first correct answer posted here or on Facebook! What’s your guess?

26 thoughts on “The Most Popular Song In The World

  1. Sarah Kasprowicz

    something by David Hasselhof
    or a personal favorite of mine, “Bust a Move”

  2. Kristine "Maria" Yesbeck

    If it’s not “Party Rock Anthem” as Colleen said, I’m going with “Moves like Jagger” or an oldie like “Kung Fu Fighting”

  3. Ken Post author

    The guesses are getting warmer. It’s a pop/rock song created decades ago by a rock group. The group still tours occasionally. One more round of hints coming, and then I’ll reveal The Most Popular Song In The World!

  4. Tom Mortonson

    Don’t Stop Believin’ — Journey! I was at Jimmy John’s the other day waiting for my sub (yes they were slow that day) and this song came on. It was HILARIOUS to see how everybody who came in the store and behind the counter was doing something related to the song. tapping a finger, mouthing the words…one customer did an air guitar — this song gets EVERYBODY going whether you want to admit it or not.

    Is the cash prize Lao money?


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