5 thoughts on “Life on a Dive Boat

  1. Margaret Trissel

    Excellent!!! Hey, are either of you affected by the water’s motion? Just curious…as always…Love the boat info….

    Safe Travels!

    1. Karen

      Not really. We always start with a pill on the first day, just as the boat heads out and rarely use them again.

  2. Pat

    Really small kitchen and to think they cook for the whole boat there. Interesting piece on being on the dive boat.

    Travel safely.

  3. Jimmy Gee

    Now I am jealous! I wasn’t that jealous of you and Ken going up the mountain to look at waterfalls with fat Russians. Nor was I that jealous of you and Ken swimming in a river that elephants er…poop in. But I would love to spend 4 days on a dive boat diving!


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