15 thoughts on “Merry Malaysian Christmas!

  1. Ken Post author

    Funny epilogue to this story: the cookies are terrible! Inedible (dry, hard and flavorless). We really appreciate the host’s kind thoughts in giving them to us… and there’s a shop in the basement of our hotel where we can pick up a Nestle bar to wash them down.

  2. Kathy Ehley

    Merry Christmas. We had an overcast day too but not wearing a cotton top.
    How disappointing to have dry, yucky cookies. At least the coffee was good.

    Keep the updates coming.

  3. Dee and Wilson

    Merry Christmas. No snow here, it seems weird. At least one less chore on the list of holiday duties. I have lots of leftover cookies, perhaps I should overnight them to Malyasia? Enjoy your time away . . . we miss you….

    1. Karen

      Thanks for the offer Dee. I found a chocolate ice cream cone for only .40 cents, so I think I’ll be okay.

      Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

      Happy New Year!


  4. Betty

    Really enjoy all the postings. A very Happy New Year. Angie Schmidt had some great footage of other people opening gifts. Can you get their facebook postings.

    1. Karen

      Thanks for the well wishes Betty. Happy New Year to you!
      I am connected to Angie on Fabcebook and will check it out.


      Karen and Ken

  5. Jennifer Rice

    I just spent some time catching up on your blog. I needed a little Karen fix. Missing you but it looks like you are having a good time.


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