How Ken Survived a Malaysian Hospital (and why Karen is up for Doctor of the Year)

The blog has been a little quiet for a couple weeks, and that’s because I’ve been in the hospital. In Malaysia. No, I wouldn’t recommend adding it to your holiday itinerary.

It’s a long, drawn-out tale, and one I wanted to get into the record books. I’m breaking it into three posts, so start with Sipidan if you want to experience the entire narrative sweep. Seeking Help in Sandakan takes me to private labs and clinics in town, and then I finally check into Duchess of Kent Hospital, where the real fun begins.

If you’d rather stick with our usual jovial posts, we’re happy to oblige: before Malaysia, we were in Singapore, and we have a couple fun posts coming with oddball critters and happy humans to spare.

How did I survive a Malaysian hospital? By taking charge of my healthcare, with the backing of my wonderful wife. Rest assured, as I type this, I feel fine, and we’re getting ready to move onto new cities and new adventures soon!


5 thoughts on “How Ken Survived a Malaysian Hospital (and why Karen is up for Doctor of the Year)

  1. Jerry Schneider

    In addition to your video talents, I have to compliment you on your literary work. I was getting sick just reading it:) Better days ahead.

    1. Ken Post author

      Like they always say: “Write what you know.” However, I didn’t WANT to know anything about this particular topic. Feeling fine now and ready for more FUN stuff.

  2. Terri

    Ken, so glad you had Dr. Karen as your advocate – she is amazing. I work in health care, and found everything you wrote fascinating. Loved the photos of your dive – sorry you had to miss so much, but really happy you are well. Take care.

  3. jenny Von Der Ruhr

    Ken and Karen
    So glad to hear you guys made it through that bout of illness together.. it is always difficult to say whose part is harder to play- the caregiver or the patient. Sounds like you guys were amazing- here’s hoping your New Year is healthy and happy!

  4. Karen

    Thank you for the nice comments and well wishes everyone! We are doing well and back to enjoying the sites of Malaysia. Whew!


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