14 thoughts on “Ready for the big trip!

  1. bluesphee

    Hey there,

    I just read your JSOnline.com article and wanted to wish you two well!! My wife and I have very recently decided we will have kids, but we are passionate travelers that absolutely will continue to travel even after kids. It’s interesting to see a couple with the same passion make the decision we have struggled with! I firmly believe there is no right answer. We are headed to South America (Brazil and Peru!) in a few months and can’t wait! Best of luck on your journeys, stay safe and I look forward to reading your blog in the weeks and months to come!

    1. Ken

      Thanks for your interest in our trip. We loved Peru when we went a couple years ago, and Brazil is definitely on our list… after this trip. Keep on travelin’!

  2. Jennifer Janis

    This is great!!! I’m from Wisconsin and have been living abroad for the past 5 years- it is the most amazing experience I’ve ever had and it has changed me for the better for sure. I wish more people had your openness and excitement for new adventures. I’m currently in the Czech Republic- I’d love to show you around when you get here! Good luck on your journey…Japan is a great place to start (I lived there, too).

  3. Michael Horne

    E-mail me when you are on your way to Tunisia. I have a relative in the State Dept there who might be of assistance with local info.

    Michael Horne

  4. TripDiva

    Like everyone else, I’m jealous! Your new adventure is scary, but exciting.

    Best of luck to you, and I’ll be following you on your journey. I’ve also posted the JSOnline article on my blog, so maybe you’ll have a few more followers.

    Have fun!!!!!

  5. Jerry Schneider

    Heard your PSA on MPR. Speaking of MPR, have you guys publicized this trip to any other media? Your adventure seems like a great story.



  6. Peggy Rass Storniolo

    I am here after reading the GREAT article in the JS yesterday. I wish you the adventure of a lifetime……don’t really have to wish that since you’ll undoubtedly have it. I look forward to reading every step of the way. I forwarded the newspaper article to some of the folks who were with us in La Manzanilla. Loved the video! I think that you two can become the new world wide Rick Steves (seriously).
    Buen viaje y vaya con Dios

  7. Jerry Schneider

    Nevermind on that previous media comment. Saw the big story in Journal Sentinel yesterday.

    My timing is uncanny.

  8. Todd

    I can’t wait to read and absorb every detail of your trip. I plan to live vicariously through your adventures! And oh yeah, if you can handle being semi-molested from two emotionally needy pups, you ALWAYS have a place to crash in (usually) sunny Southern California!

  9. Allegra Troiano

    I’m a Milwaukeean living in Costa Rica working for the Peace Corps. I got the same response as you did when I first moved to Colombia (last year). When my daughter was 10, my husband and I lived in Cameroon and Indonesia for a year. That experience changed her life. Yes, it’s possible, even with kids. So my advice to you is to enjoy your travels; take lots of photos; write lots of notes or emails, and live life to the fullest! 15 months will go quickly. When you have the time, check out http://www.uncorneredmarket.com/. This young couple has been on the road for 4 years!


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